IDS Senior Seminar Assessment Form

The Interdisciplinary Studies program's senior seminars are a capstone experience required of all Hope College students. The program has a set of specific goals that each senior seminar, no matter what its specific topic, is designed to achieve. Your completion of this evaluation will aid the college's ongoing improvement of the program. Your responses will be completely anonymous to your instructor.

Goals of the Interdisciplinary Senior Seminar Program

Students will be able to analyze and articulate their own commitments and discuss them in relation to Christian faith and practice. Specifically, this means that they will:

*have a better understanding of Christian faith and practice as a result of having taken the course;

*respect and be open to learning from persons whose values and beliefs are different from their own;

*be able to discuss differences of values and belief openly, sensitively, and reasonably;

*be able to reflect on their own philosophy for life and to write about it in a personal, coherent, and disciplined manner.

Assessment Questions

IDS Instructor

Evaluate how successful the course has been is in achieving its goals by clicking on one of the four possible responses to each of the statements below. Please note that Strongly Disagree is on the left and Strongly Agree is on the right.

Strongly Disagree
Strongly Agree
The seminar experience helped me to identify, articulate, and analyze my own value commitments.
The seminar helped me to understand better the Christian tradition and its role in shaping world views and values.
The seminar encouraged and practiced openness and mutual respect in the expression and discussion of differing views.
The seminar experience promoted reflection on my own philosophy of life.
The seminar nurtured and guided the written articulation of my own philosophy for life in my lifeview paper.
The topic and content of the seminar, including our readings and class discussions, supported the overall goals of the senior seminar program.